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CARAT Real Estate is an easy-to-use software for the real estate negotiator. Enter information about properties for lease or sale and then filter them out using an advanced search engine. Practically any type parameters can be used to search for property. For example, you can specify that you want properties that are located in Puchong, have a price range between 300,000 to 500,000, are double storey links and are corner lots and CARAT Real Estate can pick up the data for you. You can also add a picture of the property for visual recognition. When you have entered your data, you can search for properties using a sophisticated criteria selection engine based on SQL, the language of choice for databases. Criteria that you have created can also be saved as a script for re-use later. Once the search is completed and if any properties match the criteria you have entered, the property or properties will be flagged. You can then present the data to your clients. CARAT Real Estate saves you time and effort in locating properties and closing deals. You should get a copy of CARAT Real Estate for your agency today!