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Are you the treasurer for non-government organisations (NGOs), religious bodies, clubs, charities, parent-teacher associations (PTAs), resident associations (RAs), gated and guarded committees, project groups, soup kitchens or other non-profit groups? Do you want to stop using Excel® to record income and expenses? Would you would be interested in using a real database software to simplify the process of keeping accounts and generate important reports quickly? You can do all the above and more with CARAT Treasurer! It meets three important requirements that you want:- Non-accountant friendly Fast and simple Cost effective How fast can you start using CARAT Treasurer? How about just 2 minutes from the start of installation until you enter your first transaction and print your first report. CARAT Treasurer has an extensive list of modules that you can use to manage your accounting needs:- Maintain general ledger codes Maintain source document types Maintain group codes Maintain cash, bank and other transactions Prepare and print bank reconciliation Maintain user security Print the chart of accounts Print the trial balance Print the ledger Print the income and expenditure report Print the assets and liabilities report Print the monthly analysis report Print the statement of accounts Create multiple PDF files for each account Email PDF files for statement of accounts direct to each account Perform backup and restore of data files Bring forward balances Display online help


Provides accurate accounting information Eliminate mistakes from your work No more embarrassing calculation errors Accounts are always balanced Takes 30 seconds or less per transaction


No month-end or year-end closing Immediate posting upon saving Multi-year transaction history Instant reporting