Why Should An iCARAT Application Be Your Next Project?

Contains common questions about CARAT software and CARSA applications
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Why Should An iCARAT Application Be Your Next Project?

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iCARAT applications are web based software that are typically used over the Internet with a web browser. They are normally installed in a computer located outside the user's location and can be accessed 24/7 from any location with an Internet connection. This location is described as the cloud.

CARAT software on the other hand, are Windows based and must be installed locally in your office and cannot be accessed from outside the office.

If you are thinking about developing your next software, you should consider building iCARAT web applications since they can be installed in the cloud and also locally. This means that you have access to the data from within the office as though it is functioning as a Windows software or you can access it over the Internet from outside the office, as long as your computer is switched on.

In terms of your budget, you are paying once to get all-access functionality and you are also future proofing your investment.