What Is CARAT Accounts+ And How Does It Affect CARAT GSTA?

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What Is CARAT Accounts+ And How Does It Affect CARAT GSTA?

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CARAT GSTA was created at the end of 2014 and was based on CARAT ADVanced Accounting. It was designed to handle the GST requirements by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and be a major upgrade in terms of features and functionality.

Major amendments were made in the middle of 2018 when the GST rate was zeroed and subsequently when the GST was abolished. When the SST was implemented, a specialised version of CARAT GSTA called CARAT GSTA2 was created. CARAT GSTA could switch between GST and no-GST while CARAT GSTA2 could switch between GST, no-GST and SST.

Given that the majority of accounting users do not use SST and GST was no longer applicable, we decided in late 2018 to create another upgrade from CARAT GSTA that does not contain SST or GST functions. This eliminated the switching between modes and made it easier to use. It is called CARAT Accounts+.

With the release of CARAT Accounts+, it will be the only accounting software to receive future enhancements.

CARAT GSTA/GSTA2 and customised versions thereof will continue to be supported indefinitely for as long as clients continue to pay maintenance fees. Enhancement requests or customisations needed to meet statutory requirements will be considered as customisations and will be quoted and billed as such. Bug fixes and data recovery services on in situ data carried out without changes to the program will be covered at no extra charge by the annual support fees.

For more details on support coverage under a maintenance contract, please see this article.

How can CARAT GSTA (not GSTA2) users get the best of both worlds with CARAT Accounts+? This requires commitment and need by the affected clients. If there is no need to use the latest features in CARAT Accounts+, this process will not be necessary. Otherwise, it will be a two stage process. The first stage is to leave the existing CARAT GSTA program and data as-is. The second stage is to install CARAT Accounts+ and migrating the data from CARAT GSTA while bringing forward the data and leaving out GST affected transactions. There will be cost involved but this process allows the company to move forward and future proof their investment and improve usability experiences.