CARSA Balance: Hybrid Desktop/Web Accounting Application

Manage your accounting records while you are in your office or outside with these features:-

•   Manage cash, journal and bank transactions
•   Print trial balance
•   Print profit and loss account and balance sheet
•   Prepare and print bank reconciliation statements
•   Manage quotations and pro forma invoices
•   Manage sales and purchases invoices
•   Manage debtors' and creditors' credit and debit notes
•   Print delivery orders and invoices for debtors
•   Print ageing report and statement of accounts
•   Manage debtors'/creditors' debit/credit notes
•   Manage stock categories and codes
•   Manage stock receipts and adjustments
•   Print stock movement, reorder and excess reports
•   Backup data files and manage user access control
•   SST-ready
•   And more...

Prices start from RM199.00/year!
CARSA Empire: Online Payment and Advertisement Application

Sell your products and services online and offer your customers the option of paying you via online banking, shopping sites, FPX, credit/debit cards, e-wallets and BNPL.

Create and share payment links via email, WhatsApp, SMS, QR code and manual insertion into any application or document that accepts it.

•   Manage items and services
•   Create open payments
•   Offer date range discounts
•   Manage discount vouchers by date range
•   Accept payments via online banking (IBG, DuitNow, JomPay)
•   Accept payments via shopping sites like Lazada, Shopee, etc.
•   Sign up with up to 4 payment gateways and payment methods
•   Simple payment link creation and sharing
•   Seamless API integration
•   Send SMS via two SMS gateways
•   Advertise your products and services and sell online via FindMe.My
•   Option for online advertising only or with online payment manager
•   And more...

Prices start from RM20.00 for one month!
CARAT Payroll+: Employee And Payroll Solution

Organise your employee records and prepare payroll in a simple manner with our range of CARAT Payroll+ software with one or more of the following modules:-

•   Manage employees
•   Manage monthly payroll (Pay by daily, hourly or per-unit available)
•   Print allowance, overtime and salary vouchers
•   Print salary calculations report
•   Manage advances
•   Manage loans
•   Manage unpaid, medical and annual leave
•   Manage employee claims
•   Compute EPF, Socso, PCB, EIS, HRDF
•   Print monthly reports
•   Print annual and statutory reports
•   Manage archived payroll
•   Backup and restore data files
•   Manage income types
•   And more...

* Features differ depending on edition

Prices start from RM399.00!


CLAM 2019.2.00 Released
Monday, December 10, 2018
We are pleased to announce that Flagship Client Account Manager (CLAM) 2019.2.00 has been released.

The following lists the changes:-

Added - User management (add, change, display, delete)
Added - Module access management
Added - Changing of company details
Added - Company ID field
Added - Prompting for company ID during login
Added - Display of about box
Removed - Change password module

The page for CLAM's usage procedures has also been updated. You can read it here.

Flagship Client Account Manager (CLAM)
Thursday, November 15, 2018
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Flagship Client Account Manager (CLAM), our in-house web application for clients to manage their accounts and download program updates for CARAT.

If you are a client, you can log in by clicking the Login menu option above and entering your login credentials provided via a direct email.

You can read about how to use CLAM here.

CARAT Software Licensing Is Back
Thursday, November 01, 2018
For those of you who are not comfortable with mandatory payments for subscriptions to use our Windows software, we are bringing back the licensing model for our off-the-shelf Windows software.

You now have the choice on whether to go for subscriptions or licensing.

Windows Software Redesignated As Customised
Thursday, November 01, 2018
We wish to advise that the following off-the-shelf Windows software have been transferred to our customised software section and will be available on request only:-

   CARAT Treasurer
🔃   CARAT Instalments
🔃   CARAT Real Estate
🔃   CARAT Siren
🔃   CARAT DirectAds

If you are interested in any of these software, please contact us.

We Are A JomPAY Biller
Thursday, November 01, 2018
We are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, we now offer JomPAY as a payment option! You may now use this safe and secure payment facility from up to 40 banks via your current, savings and credit card accounts. Most banks with ATMs even allow you to pay bills from there.

Our biller code is 80358.

For more information on how to make payments, click here.

Enjoy Discounts Of 30% On All Software And Services
Thursday, October 04, 2018
We are celebrating our 32nd anniversary on 17th October 2018. In conjunction with this special day, you will receive a 30% discount off all software subscriptions and development/customisation services until the end of October 2018.

Come and get your share of the discounts and don't miss out!

CARAT Ready-Made Software Is Now Available For Subscription Only
Wednesday, October 03, 2018
We are pleased to announce that our entire range of ready-made CARAT software is now available as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) instead of the previous model of the licence amount being paid at the beginning and followed by an annual maintenance contract.

With SaaS, CARAT software is now offered for use in return for a subscription amount that includes the software licence and support packaged together.

You may choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. If you choose the latter, you pay for 10 months instead of 12.

Welcome to our web site! We sell ready-made software that run in Windows and offer custom software development services for Windows and web.


All our software are designed to be easy to use, have simple features and are cost effective. We also know that providing good and efficient after-sales support is just as important. This is reflected in the prices of our software and services as we strive to keep costs low for you both during the initial purchase and thereafter.

Software For Windows

The software on the left is CARAT Remind1st, an example of our software that runs in the Windows operating system. It is usually installed into the computer that it will be used. You can either use it in a standalone computer or install it in a server in a network where other computers can access it.

The program is self-contained and database files are stored externally as individual files in the same directory as the program. Since all required files for the software are in the same directory, moving it from computer to computer is very straightforward.

If your computer or your hard disk fails, it is just a simple matter of copying from your backups to the new computer or hard disk. No complicated processes or installation is necessary.

Windows based software are used at fixed locations and their data are not meant to be shared with offices or branches from other locations. You cannot typically use them over the Internet.

Technical support for these type of software are usually more involved and complicated because the support process includes the computer(s), routers, printers, operating system and third party software like anti-viruses.

Licensing and support costs are also higher.
Web Applications

These software offer the greatest flexibility in terms of usage, cost savings and data sharing. The screenshot on the left is of CARSA Client Access Manager, our web application to allow users to download updated installers for their CARAT software.

Web applications can be used from within and outside the office, do not require installation and allow their data to be shared by authorised users from anywhere.

Another advantage of web applications is that you can use them from Windows, Android, MacOS or Linux operating systems via their web browsers in a multitude of hardware devices.

Licensing and support costs are lower because the application resides at one place and fixes can be carried out almost immediately without having to prepare patch files.

If you have multiple offices, warehouses and locations or where data sharing between holding, subsidiary and associate companies are needed, a web application is the ideal software to use.

Off-the-shelf web applications are only available online while customised software can have the option of installation in your local server if higher performance, added data capacity, physical security and scalability is required.

Custom Software Development


If you have a need for customised software for Windows or the web, we have the expertise to develop them for you.


For example, the program shown on the left manages image and video files that will be shown on monitors displayed in shopping malls and restaurants. It also manages the shop numbers and directory information of tenants within an office block or mall and these are meant to be searchable from a touch screen information counter.


We have also completed customised software development projects for the following industries, among others:-


  • Insurance
  • Property management
  • VoIP call services invoicing and management
  • Materials Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Brick manufacturing management and invoicing
  • Egg farm
  • Travel agency
  • Classroom online courses
  • and more...


Our prices are reasonable and our after-sales service and support is top notch and professional. Contact us to discuss your needs. You will be glad you did.

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