Yes, you can, for a limited time! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new payroll management software called CARAT Payroll+ SE (Small Enterprises) and MLE (Medium to Large Enterprises) today and we are excited that it will be part of our off-the-shelf software family. The "+" in CARAT Payroll+ represents features that go beyond just payroll functionality. You may not be aware but we used to have payroll software when we started and we have even created customised versions that were used in large multi-national companies.

How is CARAT Payroll+ going to be different from other payroll software in the market out there? First, CARAT Payroll+ will be our first software under our Continuous Update Program where updates will be available to active support users on a regular basis. This ensures that it will remain fresh and current at all times as statutory requirements change and usability and features are constantly improved..

Second, users are constantly looking for ways to save costs and that does not exclude us. Our main costs for support is the provision of telephone and remote access support and we want to give experienced and computer savvy users the option to request, receive and apply the technical support advice via e-mail only in exchange for a lower cost of paying for support. That is why we have come out with the Self Support Plan (SSP).

Third, we recognize that users want to purchase software that have a balance of being inexpensive, have features that will make their work easier and is backed by great support. We think that CARAT Payroll+ is priced right for most users and as features are added, it should be the preferred choice for payroll management software and employee related modules.
Employee Data Management And Loan Processing

This is the core suite of modules for CARAT Payroll+ and with the online help available anytime, you should have no problem managing the employee data (or any other modules).

One of the unique features of CARAT Payroll+ is that you can accept  loan applications from employees, approve them and fill in the loan details so that it will auto deduct the monthly loan repayment amounts from their salaries as you process payroll each month.

The amounts repaid-to-date and the repayment counts are automatically updated in the employee's record once you archive the payroll data.

Isn't this a convenient feature?
Claims Management (MLE)

If you allow employees to claim expenses incurred while on company business, you know that it can get messy recording and keeping track of expenses and receipts from each employee. This is in addition to ensuring that your employees do not exceed your limits on claims they make on each type of expense. You also have to keep a copy of the source document for the claim if you are deducting it as a company expense for income tax purposes.

CARAT Payroll+ has claim type and claim management modules that make all the above work easy. You can specify which employees are entitled to  make claims, the maximum limits per claim, per day, per week, per month and per year. As claims are made, you can keep a scanned copy of the source document on file and link it with the claim.

After verifying and approving the claims, you can analyse the claims by date, by employee or by claim type.
Employee Statistics (MLE)

If you are in an industry that the Statistics Deparment requires that you submit statistics for, you know that it can be a pain to analyse your employee records to fill up the forms provided by the statutory body.

(Even if you do not need to provide statistics to anyone, it makes interesting reading to go over the report to see where your company is as far as your employees are concerned)

CARAT Payroll+ makes it easy for you by generating a comprehensive report from your employee records with just a push of a button.

Analysing employee details will no longer be a chore but a welcome activity!
This is a short overview of what CARAT Payroll+ can do now and the upcoming features it will have will be worth looking forward to! We want you to experience more of CARAT Payroll+ in the comfort of your office or home by inviting you to download a free evaluation copy.

After you have tried CARAT Payroll+ out, you may want to take the opportunity to purchase CARAT Payroll+ at very special prices of just RM99 for the SE with SSP, RM199 for the SE with CSP, RM299 for the MLE with SSP and RM499 for the MLE with CSP. These prices are
valid until 30th September 2017.

A table of the major features of CARAT Payroll+ and pricing information is shown below.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
The deadline to take advantage of these special prices is 30th September 2017
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