CARAT Software Price (RM)
CARAT Accounts+
Cash Edition (CE) - General ledger
Standard Edition (SE) - General, debtors' and creditors' ledgers
Advanced Edition (AE) - General, debtors', creditors' and stock ledgers
Premium Edition (PE) - General, debtors', creditors' and stock ledgers and quotations and purchase orders

CARAT Payroll+
Standard Edition (SE) - Up to 10 employees
Advanced Edition (AE) - Up to 60 employees and more features
Premium Edition (PE) - Unlimited employees, claims processing and more features


The prices for CARAT software include the following:-

•   Two user licence
•   One company name
•   One year warranty fulfilled by the provision of program updates
•   Email, phone and chat support


•   Additional one (1) user licence - RM200 per user
•   Additional ten (10) user licences - RM500
•   Additional one (1) company name - RM200 each (applicable for CARAT Accounts+ only)
•   Additional ten (10) company names - RM500 (applicable for CARAT Accounts+ only)
iCARAT Web Applications Price (RM)
iCARAT Commune 399.00
iCARAT Balance

- G

• Program Update Period: 12 months
• Transaction Count: Unlimited

Legend: G = General Ledger, D = Debtors' Ledger, C = Creditors' Ledger, S = Stock Ledger

iCARAT Attrack 299.00
All iCARAT applications include the following:-

•   Unlimited user and device access
•   One company name
•   One year warranty fulfilled by the provision of program updates
•   Phone, email and chat support

Ordering Procedures

You have two ways to order and pay for your software purchase:-

•   Click here to create an invoice and pay via JomPAY, DuitNow, online transfer or cheque. For instructions on how to use the invoice order system, click here.
•   Purchase from Shopee (software and add-ons) or Lazada (software only) if you wish to pay with Visa, MasterCard  or FPX

Payment Methods

We accept payment using one of the following:-

•   Visa, Mastercard or FPX via our online store at Shopee (software and add-ons) or Lazada (software only)
•   JomPAY to biller code 80358 and enter your account number in the "Ref-1" field
•   DuitNow to business registration number 000707149X
•   Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) or instant transfer to our RHB Bank account of 2123-211000-4145 under the name of C T Software
•   Cheque issued in the name of C T Software and banked into the RHB Bank account number of 2123-211000-4145


•   CARAT software - An installation CD with a Getting Started guide containing your activation and deactivation codes will be delivered to you via courier
•   iCARAT applications - We email the company ID, temporary user ID and initial password which you can use immediately
•   CARAT add-ons - We will notify you via chat or email when the add-on process has been completed

All deliveries are carried out only after payment has been received.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
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