We provide customised software development services for the following:-

Windows Software

These are software that run in the Windows operating system. We support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. They can be standalone software or run in a network and they can be used by one user or multiple users. Our software can be designed to work with a database or without.

Examples of Windows software are our range of CARAT software.

Web Applications

These are software that are normally installed at a location outside your office. If you choose to, we can also run the web applications locally from a server within your office. All web applications require a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and FireFox) to use and are available 24/7 if the applications are hosted outside your office or as long as your own server is running if hosted internally.

Web applications are suitable for development if you want to use them anytime, anywhere and by anyone (who has been given access rights). They can also be used independent of the operating system installed. That is why they can be used in desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Examples of web applications are our range of iCARAT applications.


Our rates are reasonable and are based on expected time required to create the software you want. The fee quoted is fixed according to the specifications provided and is all-inclusive and covers systems study and analysis, coding, installation, on-site training and technical support for one year.


All our customised software include a 365-day maintenance contract at no extra charge to fix any program faults and include telephone, email, remote access and WhatsApp support. After the first year, you may choose to renew your maintenance contract if you wish to continue receiving support services. It is optional.

Program updates for Windows software are prepared and dropped off at our web site where you can then download via CLAM. Updates for web applications are installed remotely by us and you do not need to do anything to enjoy new features and fixes.
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